About AVER HealthCare

 Aver Healthcare has become an industry leader in technology-enabled medical coding and billing services. Aver Healthcare cloud-delivered coding applications, enable our national  network of  professionally  certified  medical coders and coding   auditors to create  consistent, reliable and predictable coding results, and document reviews. Aver Healthcare proprietary technology and workflow improve the accuracy and efficiency of medical coding, the process of translating clinical documentation into diagnosis and procedure codes, which is at the heart of healthcare revenue cycle. These improvements impact hospitals and physician groups profoundly through improved efficiency and increased revenue.

Aver Healthcare has  been delivering  superior  medical  coding and compliance  services to large-scale  healthcare systems, individual hospitals, physician groups, surgery centers, imaging centers etc. Our certified coders are experienced in facility, pro-fee, and risk adjustment coding for a wide range of specialties. Using innovative technology, our proprietary workflow helps improve coding quality, reduce risk, accelerate the revenue cycle, and optimize reimbursements. At Aver Healthcare,our goal is to find a better way building medical coding solutions that maximize revenue efficiency, strengthen cash flow, improve coding accuracy, and enforce coding standards.

Medical Coding

We provide medical coding services to healthcare professionals

Medical Billing

We provide quality medical billing services to users

Physician Services

We provide coding and billing services to physicians

Hospital Services

We provide coding billing services to Hospitals


Our vision at Aver Healthcare is to continue to build our presence as a recognized billing service that is superior in customer service and quality. We strive to maintain customer loyalty as we continue to build our customer base. Our vision will be accomplished by offering the most advanced products and services to manage a medical office in the most cost effective manner.


Aver Healthcare company mission and ultimate goal is to provide our clients with the most accurate and up-to-date medical billing services. One of our main initiatives is to focus on customized service and communication, while providing insurance follow-ups and maintaining timely billing. We can optimize the turnaround time for your reimbursements. Aver Healthcare Services is the total solution for Electronic Health Records, Medical Billing, and Office Support.