Hospital Services

Hospital Services

Hospitals are experiencing a greater need for specialized coding services in the wake of the transition to ICD-10. New challenges emerge for hospitals, as ICD-10 has revamped diagnosis and procedure coding and creates the need for hospitals to upgrade to the ICD-10-(PCS) Procedure Coding System if inpatient procedure data is reported.

Outsourcing hospital coding needs to a medical coding company will reduce the costs of facility overhead, end the need to continually train and update staff coders, and eliminate many of the expenditures associated with employing a staff of coding specialists.

Medical coding services are advantages to all types of hospitals and healthcare facilities:

  • Large and small community hospitals and other acute care facilities.
  • Private hospitals
  • Public hospitals
  • Teaching hospitals
  • Long-term care facilities
  • Tertiary hospitals

Accurate and highly competent coding practices instituted by Aver Healthcare guarantee that hospitals will benefit from a streamlined coding process that meets or exceeds industry standards. Whether hospital support needs be short or long term, rest assured that credentialed hospital coding specialists will provide consistent results that are precise and compliant.

We offer the flexibility and the diligence that hospitals need to ensure consistent and reliable insurance reimbursement, increase productivity, and remedy backlogs and costly delays. Our hospital coding services fulfill unique medical specialization demands.