Medical Coding

Ambulatory Surgical Care

Ambulatory Surgery Centers, known in the medical community as ASCs, are healthcare facilities that focus on outpatient (same day) surgical care. In 1970, the first ambulatory surgery center, coined Surgicenter, opened its door with five doctors performing surgery on opening day. Up until that time, all surgeries were performed in the hospital, which resulted in longer wait times for procedures, days spent in the hospital, and higher medical bills. The opening of the first ASC changed the way surgeries were performed and have since become a trend in the medical industry.

Today, with advancements in technology increasing the number of procedures that can be performed as outpatient, the demand for ASCs continue to rise. Surgeries such as a hip replacement, which used to require days of hospitalization, can now be performed as an outpatient procedure.

When it comes to medical billing and coding for ASCs, there is no room for error. With the centers already under financial pressure, delayed payments are not an option. That means that medical codes must be entered correctly and the billing staff must be top of the line in order to receive reimbursements for every rupee owed, and quickly.