Medical Coding

Auditing Services

Aver Healthcare provides medical coding audits for private/public sector and government agencies nationwide. Quality and compliance are of the utmost importance in medical coding and auditing for all patient settings. Our certified professionals and auditors can assist with general healthcare and medical coding audits as well as quality control procedures.

General Medical Coding Audits

General audits offer visibility into departmental operations and coding processes. Medical coding auditing is so valuable to accurate data collection, record keeping, and billing that providers are advised to conduct external audits at least once a year. External audits objectively analyze operations, and uncover deficiencies.

By following through in three key steps – preparing for the audit, managing the audit, and implementing the recommendations, HIM departments can make the most of external audits, and achieve a clear return on investment.

Internal Medical Coding Audits

First party audits (internal audits) declare organizational compliance with the ISO 9000 standard. This internal audit is a “self-declaration,” and external organizations perform audits to guarantee compliance, find deficiencies, and offer recommendations for improvement.