Medical Coding


Coding isn’t for the lighthearted or the inexperienced. The right coding has the power to reduce denials and exponentially increase successful claims. Accurate coding means accurate charges for every patient treatment, consultation, and medication. On the other hand, sluggish, inaccurate coding can back up revenue in a traffic jam of denials. You can prevent these costly mistakes by knowing all coding updates as well as the specific challenges faced in your practice or hospital. Having a complete radiology report can help ensure you and your team are using the right codes. Coding precision and accuracy results in maximum revenue for any healthcare organization.

Radiology is ground zero in the efforts to reduce health care usage. We can help you respond to this pressure, without reducing revenue. At Aver Healthcare, we turnaround most claims within 24 hours – with STAT claims approved within 20 minutes or less. And our insightful data analytics help radiology practices get even better. Our teams of certified coders know how to code, capture, and bill for every image, and have experience in radiology to lead the charge to win pre-authorization, coding, and billing battles for our clients.